Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 13 - Promos and Periodicals

Next week is the Pine Street Scholastic Book Fair and this is a BIG event for the media center.  Lee Anne, her staff, and parent volunteers run the fair and proceeds benefit the library.  This is the major fundraiser for the library so promotion and publicity are important elements to making the book fair a success.  Lee Anne gave me the opportunity to highlight book fair with students and build up the "hype".  Students were already buzzing about their must haves and I predict the book fair will be a big success.

Lee Anne shared some tech skills with me and described how she put together the book trailers with Scholastic clip art interspersed with short book commericials by our group of 2nd grade advanced readers.  I can't wait to work with MovieMaker more on my own.  She also mentioned clickers as a tech tool that I could incorporate into a lesson.  I am adding this to my list to investigate.

I practiced my processing materials skills with periodicals.  Lee Anne has set up a chart to check off new titles as  they arrive and then catalog only the teacher materials.  They are not officially added to the catalog until someone checks them out. 

In preparation for working with Mrs. Fisher's class later in the week, I signed up for a Voki educator account.  This way I can assign usernames, passwords, and save the students work all in one place.

The Tech Know Club used the images they found last week to create collages for a slideshow at the Black History program next week.  This process involved scissors and glue - technology is sometimes hands on!  I love how Lee Anne incorporates the creation of art within the technology focus.  Perfect for an arts infusion school.

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