Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 11 - Notetaking and Scruncy Border Making

As my internship has reached the halfway mark, I feel I have a better sense of direction and focus than I did at the beginning.  Tuesday began with a long to-do list on my part and a busy schedule of classes for the library.  Lee Anne and I discussed what I would like to accomplish and then we went to work.

As classes came in, Lee Anne let the kids know about last week's voting results.  And the winner is....How Rocket Learned to Read.  The Pine Street Kids will have to wait and find out which title wins SC Picture Book of the Year.  Since I will be attending the SCASL conference, Lee Anne has told the students that I will send them the "scoop" on the winning title as soon as I find out.

I continued the work on the Wordle bulletin board and, thanks to Pinterest, used the cool "scrunchy" border idea to frame the black background in bright blue paper.  I can't wait to add all the words and share the results!  This is definitely a design idea I will adopt in my own library one day.

The 5th grade class returned to work on their PowerPoint projects and I showed them how to properly credit the images that they use in their project.  It was fun to see a group of students from my home school stop by with their Odyssey teacher! 

For Black History Month, I read Martin's Big Words to a 3rd grade class.  They were a restless bunch and I had to stop reading a few times to ask students to stop talking.  This was a good opportunity to practice my behavior management skills. Discipline is something to establish from the beginning - or else chaos will reign.

I was excited to end the day by joining Mrs. Fisher and her 2nd grade class for a note-taking lesson.  Using the interactive note-taking program, Fact Fragment Frenzy, the students practiced pulling main ideas out of text.  They picked it up so quickly and I think this will be good preparation for their research projects.  I look forward to working with them again.

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