Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day Nine - Voting Time

This is voting week for the South Carolina Book Awards.  I loved seeing the kids excited about voting using the display bags and discussing all the books we had read together.  At the end of the week, we will find out which picture book was the Pine Street favorite.

Lee Anne suggested I plan book talks and story selections for next week's classes.  It is an "off" week, in between voting for the South Carolina Book Awards and Scholastic Book Fair promotion.  For the 3rd grade I will select some titles appropriate for Black History month.  With the 4th grade I am planning a book talk featuring titles related to popular books.  Something like, "If you like the Wimpy Kid series,..." and introduce lesser known books that are similar in format or theme.  Still deciding on exactly which theme I will choose.  Either Wimpy Kid related or younger-dystopian AKA Haddix's Among the Hidden series.

I discussed ways to encouraging a struggling reader with a 4th grade teacher.  She would like to encourage this student to push herself a little more, but wants to make sure that she can find success and build her confidence. 

The Tech-Know Club viewed each other's Tech Movies and practiced their evaluation skills.  Lee Anne went over constructive criticism and the importance of using materials ethically.  Next week the club will begin a project to be used at the school's Black History program.  They will find great images of the Civil Rights era leaders and other famous African-Americans and create a slideshow.

Lee Anne shared her annual lesson plan binders with me.  She has collected month-by-month materials that she has used in years past.  This method is great for having everything in one place.  I will look these over more closely later this week.

Plans are in the works for new displays, can't wait to make my Pine Street Media Center wordle bulletin board.  The goal is to create something attractive, that can be left up for months instead of having to be changed every season.

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