Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 13 - Promos and Periodicals

Next week is the Pine Street Scholastic Book Fair and this is a BIG event for the media center.  Lee Anne, her staff, and parent volunteers run the fair and proceeds benefit the library.  This is the major fundraiser for the library so promotion and publicity are important elements to making the book fair a success.  Lee Anne gave me the opportunity to highlight book fair with students and build up the "hype".  Students were already buzzing about their must haves and I predict the book fair will be a big success.

Lee Anne shared some tech skills with me and described how she put together the book trailers with Scholastic clip art interspersed with short book commericials by our group of 2nd grade advanced readers.  I can't wait to work with MovieMaker more on my own.  She also mentioned clickers as a tech tool that I could incorporate into a lesson.  I am adding this to my list to investigate.

I practiced my processing materials skills with periodicals.  Lee Anne has set up a chart to check off new titles as  they arrive and then catalog only the teacher materials.  They are not officially added to the catalog until someone checks them out. 

In preparation for working with Mrs. Fisher's class later in the week, I signed up for a Voki educator account.  This way I can assign usernames, passwords, and save the students work all in one place.

The Tech Know Club used the images they found last week to create collages for a slideshow at the Black History program next week.  This process involved scissors and glue - technology is sometimes hands on!  I love how Lee Anne incorporates the creation of art within the technology focus.  Perfect for an arts infusion school.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 12 - Wordles and more Wordles

Thursday was a fabulous day for collaboration, finishing projects, and staying flexible.  I was excited to finish the library Wordle bulletin board and am pleased with the end results.  Pictures to come next week!  I also had the opportunity to instruct a 5th grade class on Wordle.  They used their notes to create Wordles about FDR.   The teacher had hoped to use Tagxedo, but we found compatibility issues with the Microsoft update.  Almost all of the students finished their work with only a few technical mishaps.  Technology always throws a few curves and I am learning how to find a solution or workaround when this happens. 

Lee Anne took some time to go over her long range plans and planning process with me.  I came away with some good ideas to implement one I have my own library including holding reading workshops for parents and implementing a summer reading program.

A 2nd grade class reviewed their book finding skills with the "search game".  Of course, they wanted to shout "ding, ding, ding" whenever they found a book and wanted us to come check it off.  Libraries are not always quiet places!

In the afternoon, I returned to Mrs. Fisher's room to assist with students' research projects.  They are working with partners to fill out a template about their biography subject.  Next week we will continue the process and progress toward a digital product to share with the class.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 11 - Notetaking and Scruncy Border Making

As my internship has reached the halfway mark, I feel I have a better sense of direction and focus than I did at the beginning.  Tuesday began with a long to-do list on my part and a busy schedule of classes for the library.  Lee Anne and I discussed what I would like to accomplish and then we went to work.

As classes came in, Lee Anne let the kids know about last week's voting results.  And the winner is....How Rocket Learned to Read.  The Pine Street Kids will have to wait and find out which title wins SC Picture Book of the Year.  Since I will be attending the SCASL conference, Lee Anne has told the students that I will send them the "scoop" on the winning title as soon as I find out.

I continued the work on the Wordle bulletin board and, thanks to Pinterest, used the cool "scrunchy" border idea to frame the black background in bright blue paper.  I can't wait to add all the words and share the results!  This is definitely a design idea I will adopt in my own library one day.

The 5th grade class returned to work on their PowerPoint projects and I showed them how to properly credit the images that they use in their project.  It was fun to see a group of students from my home school stop by with their Odyssey teacher! 

For Black History Month, I read Martin's Big Words to a 3rd grade class.  They were a restless bunch and I had to stop reading a few times to ask students to stop talking.  This was a good opportunity to practice my behavior management skills. Discipline is something to establish from the beginning - or else chaos will reign.

I was excited to end the day by joining Mrs. Fisher and her 2nd grade class for a note-taking lesson.  Using the interactive note-taking program, Fact Fragment Frenzy, the students practiced pulling main ideas out of text.  They picked it up so quickly and I think this will be good preparation for their research projects.  I look forward to working with them again.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 10 - Halfway There!

Pine Street was bursting with red and pink hearts on Valentines Day.  A planned Grandparent's Day luncheon and class parties added to the energy.  I can't believe that I have already reached Day 10 of my internship journey.  It has been a great experience so far!

The 2nd grade "Pirates" as I like to call them completed their pirate research today.  Lee Anne asked me to go over guidelines for doing booktalks as they have a very special mission next week.  The students were given preview titles to read and review in preparation for the Scholastic Book Fair.   They will write and record brief Reading Rainbow style booktalks.  In fact, we watched a few clips of Reading Rainbow book talks as examples. 

2nd grade classes got to vote for their South Carolina Picture Book Award nominee and I read some of the winning titles from previous years, Hot Rod Hamster and Sweet Tooth.  Lee Anne read Sweet Tooth adding lots of voices and getting laughs from the kids.  This taught me to always read over the read-aloud choices in advance, making the reading process more seamless.

Next week I am collaborating with a 2nd grade teacher as her class begins a research project.  We will start with a note-taking lesson and then move on to making a digital product about a leader in African-American history.

The days are speeding by and I look forward to even more learning during the second half of my internship.  I am so thankful that I am getting to learn alongside an experienced media specialist and getting the opportunity to practice the skills that I will need to be successful.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day Nine - Voting Time

This is voting week for the South Carolina Book Awards.  I loved seeing the kids excited about voting using the display bags and discussing all the books we had read together.  At the end of the week, we will find out which picture book was the Pine Street favorite.

Lee Anne suggested I plan book talks and story selections for next week's classes.  It is an "off" week, in between voting for the South Carolina Book Awards and Scholastic Book Fair promotion.  For the 3rd grade I will select some titles appropriate for Black History month.  With the 4th grade I am planning a book talk featuring titles related to popular books.  Something like, "If you like the Wimpy Kid series,..." and introduce lesser known books that are similar in format or theme.  Still deciding on exactly which theme I will choose.  Either Wimpy Kid related or younger-dystopian AKA Haddix's Among the Hidden series.

I discussed ways to encouraging a struggling reader with a 4th grade teacher.  She would like to encourage this student to push herself a little more, but wants to make sure that she can find success and build her confidence. 

The Tech-Know Club viewed each other's Tech Movies and practiced their evaluation skills.  Lee Anne went over constructive criticism and the importance of using materials ethically.  Next week the club will begin a project to be used at the school's Black History program.  They will find great images of the Civil Rights era leaders and other famous African-Americans and create a slideshow.

Lee Anne shared her annual lesson plan binders with me.  She has collected month-by-month materials that she has used in years past.  This method is great for having everything in one place.  I will look these over more closely later this week.

Plans are in the works for new displays, can't wait to make my Pine Street Media Center wordle bulletin board.  The goal is to create something attractive, that can be left up for months instead of having to be changed every season.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day Eight - Weeding and Web 2.0

Pirate research continued with the 2nd grade advanced readers.  Lee Anne encouraged them to pose "essential questions" about their pirate subject and search for answers.  Many of the students chose to use some of the print resources we had pulled for them and used more than one title in search of information.  Budding researchers!

I completed the weeding process for the Education section.  Deleting titles is always hard, but knowing they will be given to classroom teachers or otherwise passed on makes the process easier for me.  Every book has its day and then it can just look dated.

I took on the nonfiction section as a display project and worked at facing out titles on almost every shelf to create a more visual look.  It was gratifying to see students notice the difference and even check out some of the faced out books.  Of course, now we will have to fill it in again, but if it brings new titles to their attention, so much the better.

Lee Anne had me read to a Kindergarten group as well as do a booktalk with a 3rd grade class.  We are prepping the students for voting for their favorite South Carolina Picture Book Award nominees next week.

The day ended with my planned Web 2.0 presentation.  While the turnout was not as large as expected, I enjoyed the opportunity to interact and appreciated Lee Anne's support...and the brownies she baked!

It was a good day filled with reminders to stay flexible and open to any opportunities that might arise.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day Seven - Booktalks and PowerPoints

Tuesday was a very busy day in the Media Center.  I worked with a small group of 5th graders and introduced them to PowerPoint.  They are preparing presentations related to life in the 1920s.  Each group has a different topic and will include images and important elements in their PowerPoints.  I enjoyed working with the students and seeing how quickly they caught on.

The South Carolina Book Awards display is complete - voting begins next week!  Lee Anne shared some more of the SC Book Award Picture Book nominated titles with students.

Lee Anne suggested that I create a brochure for teachers explaining graphic novels as a format and why typical reading level measures don't really apply to graphic novels.  Students love to read these and the strong visuals really tie in with the Pine Street's arts infusion focus.  I could see student created comic book/graphic novels as an extension of their readings.

As I planned for my in-service presentation scheduled for Thursday, Lee Anne gave me valuable advice about how to present.  I like to be as prepared as possible before making presentations.  When you know your subject well, it is much easier to respond to questions and feel more at ease.

I did a booktalk for a group of 3rd graders on 3 of the Picture Book Award nominees:  The Watcher, Stand Straight Ella Kate, and In the Garden with Dr. Carver.  The students brought valuable background knowledge and were somewhat familiar with Jane Goodall and George Washington Carver.  Their favorite book was Stand Straight Ella Kate about a real-life giant, Ella Kate Ewing.  She grew to be 8'4".  Lee Anne put a piece of tape on a column to show how tall Ella Kate was.  The kids were amazed!  I loved seeing the students hurry to check out the titles after my booktalks - gratifying.

Lee Anne asked me to prepare a short presentation on Copyright for the Tech Know Club.  They were a little revved this week, but I think they took in some of the concepts of Copyright and the importance of attribution.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day Six - Ahoy Matey!

Day Six began with a fire drill in the freezing morning air - that is one way to get everyone's adrenaline going.  There were a few students in the media center and we escorted them outside to the front of the school.  This was a good reminder that it is important for all school personnel to be aware of the evacuation routes and emergency procedures.
Image from: Grantsburg Chamber
Back inside we met with Lee Anne's 2nd grade reading group.  I had prepared a Pine Pirate Pathfinder to guide the students as they researched famous pirates.  Each student chose one of the four pirates listed and then followed the links to website resources.  I also pulled some print books from the 910s and the biography section for additional reference help.  Two boys worked together on Blackbeard and got the hang of things very quickly.  Next week the group will continue filling in their research templates and will come up with questions about the pirates that they would like to find out more about.  Lee Anne pointed out to me that the Destiny catalog provides quality links through the WebQuest feature.  Next time I will start there when beginning a pathfinder for students!

In preparation for next week's Web 2.0 presentation, I tested some of my chosen Web tools on the library computers.  There were several incompatibility issues, but I hope to work around these technical problems.  My plan is to introduce Animoto, Voki, Tagxedo or Worlde, and more.

I read three SC Book Award titles to a K5 class which was somewhat challenging.  At my home school I know most of the students' names which makes correcting them easier.  At Pine Street I do not know many students' names so discipline can be challenging.  This class was revved up and eager to check out, but some of them followed the stories and they did come up with lots of examples of opposites after hearing Polar Opposites.

A 5th grade teacher approached me about working with her class over the next few weeks.  They are studying the 1920s era and she wants each student to produce a PowerPoint related to their topic.  During the class library time, I will work with small groups of students to introduce PowerPoint creation. 

Lee Anne showed me how to use TitleWave to create reports analyzing the library collection.  This is broken down by Dewey call #s and can get as specific as by 10s.  Amazing!  This is part of my weeding/collection development training and I got some hands-on experience. Weeding operates on the CREW acronym: Continuous Review, Evaluation, and Weeding.  Another popular weeding acronym is MUSTIE:

• Misleading or factually inaccurate
• Ugly (worn beyond repair)
• Superseded by new edition or better book
• Trivial (no discernible literary or scientific value)
• Irrelevant (your collection no longer has a use for the item)
• Elsewhere (available though ILL or branch holds)

(Thanks Lee Anne for reminding me to look up these acronyms!)

What a varied day I had - good preparation for a career as a school librarian.  I am beginning to notice areas I need to work on: cultivating collaborative relationships with teachers, "crowd control" when working with a large group of students, and always being ahead of the game when it comes to technology and web resources.

 One rewarding moment was providing reader's advisory for a 5th grade student.  She had left her Kindle at home and needed some reading material.  She liked The Hunger Games type fiction so I suggested The Giver or Among the Hidden.  She chose the latter and I told her to let me know how she liked it.  I love it when I can successfully match up a reader and a book.