Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 20 - Wrap up and Goodbyes

Thursday was a day to wrap up projects, say goodbye to new friends, celebrate accomplishments, and to reflect on my internship experience. 
I created a graphic novel brochure using Microsoft Publisher.  Lee Anne had requested an informational brochure about using graphic novels in the classroom.  She wants to introduce this idea to teachers.  Publisher was a little challenging to work with, but I liked the results and will definitely use it again.  I also finalized recommendations for tall tales to add to the library collection.
Unbeknownst to me, Lee Anne was working on a top secret project for me.  She asked three 2nd grade classes to share their wisdom about librarians.  Students gave me words of advice on things to always do ("be quiet") and never do ("use a gun in the library").  Lee Anne packaged it all up as a book, The Librarian's Little Instruction Book.   I will treasure it and bring it with me when I have my own library.
Thank you to Lee Anne for taking the time to teach me, challenge me, and encourage me to be the best (future) librarian that I can be.  I have learned so much through working with you and I truly appreciate your guidance, instruction, and advice!
Thank you also to Veneal, Hayley, and all of the Pine Street faculty, staff, and students for helping me have such a GREAT internship experience.  You welcomed me with open arms and were always willing to let me take part and participate in the happenings at the Pine Media Center.  I know that I will benefit in the future from the time that I spent with you all.  Appreciate the wonderful and vital library program that you all enjoy each and every day - I know that I will emulate so much of what Lee Anne has done to make the Pine Media Center the leaning hub of the school.
Thank you again!