Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 14 - Budgets and Vokis

Lee Anne took time to walk me through her budgeting, submitting purchase orders for approval, and ordering process.  While I know each school and school system will have its own quirks, it was very helpful to get a step-by-step look at this.  While libraries receive varying amounts of funds for books, equipment, and supplies each year, librarians can supplement that amount by fundraising and applying for grants. Lee Anne really goes all out to make her Scholastic Book Fair a success and is motivated by the funds that can be raised and put to use for the benefit of all students.  I can't wait to drop in next week and see how the book fair is going!

At Lee Anne's suggestion, I continued research on establishing a lending library of Kindles and how this can be administered at the school level.  Also on my radar: graphic novels and 101 for teachers, integrating clickers into a library lesson.

I was excited to work with Mrs. Fisher's class.  Each group had 3-5 sentences about why their biography subject was important and they created a Voki to share with the class.  This process involved some advance set-up on my part to create a class, assign passwords, and set everything up.
The process was not without a few bumps, but the students were very excited and enthusiastic about using Voki.  Here's my introduction I played for them before we went to the library:

Next time I will allow a little more time to create and edit the Vokis, but I thought overall the 2nd graders did well.

I will miss my Pine Street friends next week as they enjoy the Book Fair and I attend the SCASL conference in Columbia.  I plan to come back rested, rejuvenated and geared up for six more great days.  Hard to believe this journey is almost over!

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