Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 12 - Wordles and more Wordles

Thursday was a fabulous day for collaboration, finishing projects, and staying flexible.  I was excited to finish the library Wordle bulletin board and am pleased with the end results.  Pictures to come next week!  I also had the opportunity to instruct a 5th grade class on Wordle.  They used their notes to create Wordles about FDR.   The teacher had hoped to use Tagxedo, but we found compatibility issues with the Microsoft update.  Almost all of the students finished their work with only a few technical mishaps.  Technology always throws a few curves and I am learning how to find a solution or workaround when this happens. 

Lee Anne took some time to go over her long range plans and planning process with me.  I came away with some good ideas to implement one I have my own library including holding reading workshops for parents and implementing a summer reading program.

A 2nd grade class reviewed their book finding skills with the "search game".  Of course, they wanted to shout "ding, ding, ding" whenever they found a book and wanted us to come check it off.  Libraries are not always quiet places!

In the afternoon, I returned to Mrs. Fisher's room to assist with students' research projects.  They are working with partners to fill out a template about their biography subject.  Next week we will continue the process and progress toward a digital product to share with the class.

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