Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 16 - Checklists and Order

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At this point in my internship, I am reviewing the SLIS requirements to ensure that I do everything on the checklist.  Dot those i's and cross those t's!  One item on the list is to review or assist with the Annual South Carolina Library Media Survey.  As this year's survey is not yet available, Lee Anne shared a previous year's survey with me.  I read it over in order to familiarize myself with the scope and the requirements. 

The 2nd grade reading group began working on PowerPoint presentations based on the research template that they completed a few weeks ago,  I love seeing students combining research and technology tools to create a product showcasing their work.  Lee Anne manages to incorporate technology and information literacy skills authentically as opposed to teaching skills in isolation,.

Speaking of tech tools, Lee Anne used a MimioPad tablet with a lesson on Scholastic's new ebook line, Storia.  MimioPad can turn any screen into an interactive board.  The students loved getting to try it out and caught on very quickly.

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A 3rd grade class continued their South Carolina A-Z research using Study SC.  Students also searched for biographies for upcoming class projects.  Part of the day I focused on shelving and got caught up in alphabetizing some of the picture books and the series fiction.  I also finished setting up a Women's History display and re-shelved the African American biographies that were displayed in February.  Straightening, alphabetizing, and displaying are constant duties in libraries, but, luckily, I love to bring a little order to the books!  My main goal is to be able to find the book again - a place for everything, and everything in its place.

One observation that occurred to me this week is the importance of good working relationships among library staff members.  Lee Anne, Veneal, and Haley operate as a close knit, yet respectful and productive team and I admire the rapport they have with each other.  I truly believe it is their teamwork that makes their library a success and a central hub of the school.  It has been a pleasure to observe and work with such a great group of women.

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  1. Elisabeth,Jennifer,Besty,
    I have loved working with you! Your passion with the students and knowledge will be a true blessing to "your" school. And I know you will have a terrific team of your own soon.
    blessings, veneal