Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 15 - Back in the Swing

It was great to get back to Pine Street after a week off.  We had much to catch up on - Lee Anne reported the Scholastic Book Fair was a huge success and they are still settling back in after such a large event.  After reviewing my internship checklist, I identified specific areas to work on over the remaining six days. 

Kindergarten and 1st grade classes came in throughout the morning and watched videos of Strega Nona and Joseph Had a Little Overcoat.  A third grade class started their South Carolina bingo activity on StudySC. 
They find a word representing South Carolina for every letter of the alphabet.

Lee Anne and I had discussed my plan to have a lunchtime book club next week.  When a 4th grade class stopped in to check out, I spoke with their teacher and she agreed to identify students to participate.  We will do a "bring your own book club" and if it goes well I might have the students do brief blog entries about their favorites books.

I got to practice my training/supervising skills as Mrs. Williams left halfway through the day and the substitute had never worked in a library before. 

It is hard to believe my days as an intern are down to single digits.  This has been such a great experience - I want to make the most of my remaining time at Pine Street.  To fit in: booktalks, lunchtime book club, Kindle program, graphic novel brochure, and more!

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