Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 19 - Jungle Book

As I arrived at Pine Street, there was a buzz of excitement in the air.  Balloons, painted cutouts of animals, and colorful tissue flowers lined the hallway and hung from the ceiling.  Day one of Jungle Book performances - two shows/day.  As the principal put it, "Welcome to Broadway!" There were over 300 students in the play and even a group of teachers playing monkeys.  Lee Anne did a great job as a dancing monkey in the opening scene - way to be versatile Lee Anne!  The play was wonderful and I enjoyed watching some of the students I have gotten to know as they sang, danced, and acted.  The performing arts are taken seriously at Pine and the whole school gets involved in some aspect of the production. 

As another example of the media center serving as a hub in the school, the library was the "holding space" for groups of kindergarteners as they put on their costumes and waited for their scenes. 

Lee Anne showed me how to create a Resource List in Destiny.  She likes to create Resource Lists of new books as they are processed.  Another use would be lists of titles on certain topics.  I pulled together some folktales and fairy tales for a 5th grade teacher.  She is planning to have her class compare and contrast different types of folklore.

The Lunchtime Book Club included 5 students this time and they were a lively bunch!  They were full of opinions on books and series that they liked.  One girl admitted that she was reading a certain book because her mother was making her.  She said she was not too into reading, but her mom still made her read each day.  Good mom!  When they heard I would be doing a booktalk with their class later on Wimpy Kid read-alikes, they wanted to check out the books right then.  Got to love kids getting enthusiastic for books.

At the end of the day, I did a booktalk with two different 4th grade classes.  I created a Prezi to go with my talk.

The best part was at the end when many of the kids checked out the books I had talked about.  I made sure to pull other titles that went with the theme and set them out for check out.

Lee Anne had the Tech Know Club join an Edmodo group and learn how to navigate and comment.
The big news of Tuesday related to our school district's technology initiative.  A perfect topic for the Tech Know Club!

All in all a great day at Pine.  It is hard to believe that I am wrapping up my internship on Thursday! 
One day more...

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