Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 20 - Goodbyes

Pictures from M. Dillard, C. Nelson, and my own photos.
Thursday was the final day of my Dorman internship and I left with mixed emotions.  Though I am thrilled to have completed one of the final components of my MLIS program and will graduate from USC's SLIS program December 6, I know that I will miss the fantastic DHS media center team - Melanie, Cathy, and Erika.  They welcomed me in, challenged me to try new things, and were always willing to answer my questions and listen to my ideas.  
Photos by E. Graham
Thank you to Dorman High School's students and teachers for all the great times!  I have truly been able to experience all aspects of a high school library program and would love to work at one in the future.  Love the spirit, the energy, the YA novels, the learning, the ideas, and the fun that comes with teenagers.


  1. We already miss you! A student today asked where you were, and Mrs. Campbell came by to say what an awesome intern you were!! I wish you well. You're the best!! Love all your photos.

  2. Thank you again for all you and Melanie did for me!