Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day Three

Day Three included additional class observations.  I was fortunate to experience nationally recognized dance educator, Eric Johnson, as he worked with students and teachers on integrating dance/creative movement with math.  The students formed fantastic shapes and used actions (hopping, jumping, galloping) to demonstrate the concepts of area and perimeter.

Lee Anne and I went over my timeline schedule of activities and she had many helpful suggestions. Next Thursday will include the pirate research project with the 2nd grade group as well as a professional development presentation for teachers. 

Jan Brett is the author of the month for all first grade classes.  Lee Anne encouraged a group of 1st graders to share their knowledge on Brett's artistic style and patterns found in her illustrations.  This week's book was Mossy. 

I devoted time to checking and updating the Library Resources page.  This page is accessed through the Destiny catalog which is convenient.  One item I added was a link back to the Pine Street School home page to make navigation easier for users.

A group of 2nd graders demonstrated an activity that Lee Anne has used to teach them to navigate the different sections of the library and to locate books independently.  Students choose a laminated call number out of a basket and then go locate the book.  When they find the right title on the shelf, they raise their hands to have their book "checked".  One young man found 12 titles - the current record.  I loved seeing the students so capable and independent. 

Lee Anne shared her budgeting system and we discussed how the economy has impacted school library programs in recent years.  When budgets are cut, adjustments must be made and other avenues of revenue must be pursued.  Lee Anne successfully fundraises through Scholastic Book Fairs.

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